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An original hand-written page from the 1901 census

MAKER AND RAME VOTING LISTS 1851 - 1865 Added February 2018
ADDED FEBRUARY 2016 - See below
(Sheviock, Polbathic, Crafthole, Trelay,etc)

(Antony, Tregantle, Tregantle Fort, Blerrick, Wacker, etc)


Census returns up to and including 1891 have been publically available for some time. They have also been transcribed and editied over a period 2002 - 2008 by Roger Collins and are listed below. They are presented in a condensed, more locally relevant and 'readable' format and are currently available by clicking on the required year, etc below.

The 1901 and 1911 census data was 'commercialised' in a more exclusive way and sold to Ancestry/Find My Past and others who offer the information to the general public at a price.

The RPHG has undertaken the task of transcribing, checking and then publishing in it's own format, the records for 1901 and 1911 for the parishes of Maker and Rame (which of course include Millbrook and the immediate surroundings.

1901 is complete and available below.

1911 is currently underway - see below. BUT - we need help please!!!

**** PUBLISHED**** (May 2013)

1901 Census returns for Millbrook - see below

  • Now you can find a relative or someone who lived in a Millbrook house 150 years ago
  • How many fishermen were there in Cawsand in 1871??
  • How many people lived at the Southdown Brickworks in 1881??
  • How many houses were there in Anderton in 1861???

Click on one of the titles below, (all PDF files), to open your selected file.
You will need a PDF reader - Adobe or similar to access these files.
You can then search for a particular name/word by using the "EDIT/FIND"
tab and inserting the name/place/word you are searching for.

Local Census Returns:

Prior to 1991, very few census records identify house names - but there are some premises which are identified, (especially pubs)!!.

Frustratingly, it is not always possible to be certain which end or side of a "road" was the
'starting' point for any census. It seems that many families fail to appear in consecutive census returns.

Some of the census files contain a summary at the end - of persons employed in
maritime-related occupations

The census files available are: (click to view)

1841 - 1891 Anderton who lived in these houses over that period?
1841 Census hints
guidelines for the enumerators of the day
1841 Census - blank form
1841 Devon Hundreds including Maker
the original 'parish' boundary system
1841 Maker
1841 Millbrook
1841 Rame
1851 Maker
1851 Rame
1861 Maker and Rame
1861 Millbrook
1871 Millbrook
1871 Maker and Rame
1881 Millbrook
1881 Maker and Rame
1891 Millbrook
1891 Maker and Rame
1891 Enumerator's Instructions
1891 Millbrook
1901 Maker (
transcribed by members of the RPHG)
1901 Rame (
transcribed by members of the RPHG)
1901 Millbrook
(transcribed by members of the RPHG)

1841 Sheviock
1851 Sheviock
1861 Sheviock
1871 Sheviock
1881 Sheviock
1891 Sheviock

1841 Antony
1851 Antony
1861 Antony
1871 Antony
1881 Antony
1891 Antony

Census pages are available elsewhere. You might like to try:


The 1911 Census for Maker and Rame is a project currently in hand. (March 2015) We have the original handwritten household returns ready to transcribe. If you can assist in transcription, either using Microsoft Excel or by 'writing out' your transcription on a prepared form, then please volunteer!!!

If you can help please contact us HERE

Handwritten censsus return pages/Resources for verifiers:
1911 Census Folio 03 Maker Kingsand
1911 Census Folio 04 Maker Anderton Edgcumbe etc
1911 Census Folio 05 Millbrook 1
1911 Census Folio 05 Millbrook 2
1911 Census Folio 07 Rame
1911 Census Folio 11 12 13 others
1911 Census Folio 14

Blank Excel transcription proforma

Can you help us check the transcriptions? Please click HERE

Commercial Seamen away from the area

Sailors away from the area would be included in the census for the port in which they
found themselves on census day.
Click on the file below to show a list of such men.

Tracing 19th Century Merchant Seamen in British Records

Useful websites to follow up for census information further afield are:



(Local family histories)


Using the 'search function' at the top of each page, enter your chosen 'search 'word' or 'phrase' and the results will include
both the web pages themselves, but also the
blue clickable PDF files which are attached to most pages.

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