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The Sea


Articles (and Videos) are still being added to this page..........

The following pdf files are available:

Ships with local names

HMS Camdridge an illustrated article added 2.11.2019

Plymouth Breakwater
(also on the Archive/Local Buildings page and Archive/Local forts page)

1798 Wreck of the French prize 'Coquillle' on the Millbrook Mud after a fire

Preventitive Men born locally but serving elsewhere, late 19th century.

John Pollard - Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar, John Pollard shot his assassin. Here is an extract from his life story.

The Avery Researches - how the GGG grandson of a Cawsand 'smuggler' found out about his ancestor's naval service

The Amazing Sulivans - a boy goes to sea. He later marries, settles in Cawsand and his sons join him in the Navy. This is the story of their naval careers.

ADDED VIDEO 5 4 2015

Pier Cellars Degaussing Range Control Room. - just how did the original 'camera room' at Pier Cellars operate in the time before GPS and computers????

Mike Palfreyman explains how German magnetic mines laid early in the war forced the navy to come up with counter-measures. The video also shows how the almost 'valve radio technology ' in the camera room captured the ship's signal and allowed the vessel to adjust its magnetic signature and so become 'invisible' to mines and listening devices....................


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