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Local Forts



The Rame Peninsula has been peppered with defensive fortifications since at least the 16th century.

There are many visible examples of a variety of structure, from gun batteries to accommodation blocks to torpedo stations to World War Two gun emplacements. Over time, we intend to provide a summary of each with references for further reading and where appropriate, details of possible viewing opportunities.

For those wishing to find out more about Maker Fortifications, go to http://www.themakerproject.org.uk/

The Palmerston Forts Society is an educational charity dedicated to the study and preservation of Victorian foritification and associated artillery, which can be found at: http://www.palmerstonforts.org.uk/

We begin with
Cawsand Fort, or is it a Battery?? (Click on name below)

Picklecombe Fort was the subject of a presentation given by Brian Rayden and Dennis Scogging in March 2012. The presentation itself is available below and on our About Us/ Past Events webpage. In addition, to complete the technical detail on the armaments and gunnery aspects of their presentation, an additional Armaments article can be accessed below.

Whitsands Bay Battery (Holiday Park)
During the summer of 2012 beginning 27th May a weekly tour of the fort including vaults is provided free of charge.
(Sunday mornings 11.30am). The tour last about 30 minutes, but you should check with the Holiday Park before travelling ( Donkey Lane, Whitsand Bay, Millbrook, Cornwall PL10 1JZ 01752 822597)

Click below, for a short collection of newspaper records/articles:

March 2020 'Cawsand fort - a short history' by Tony Lewis

JANUARY 2018 - 'A Military History of Maker Heights 1770 -1906'

'A Brief History of Local Batteries' an update, by Brian Rayden to his talk to the group in 2012. (by kind permission of the Friends of Mt. Edgcumbe)

Summary of Local Forts

Cawsand Fort/ Battery

Cawsand Fort - armaments and a model.

Plymouth Breakwater

Forts - Newspaper cuttings

Maker Heights

Whitsand Bay Battery click on about us......

Fort Picklecombe - Presentation B Rayden and Dennis Snogging 2012

Fort Picklecombe - Guns and Armaments: by Brian Rayden

Fort Picklecombe

Grave of unknown soldier at Maker Heights in 2015 a grave was restored.....read on

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