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The Sea


Western Belle
a chance encounter with a local ex fisherman produced a one page article on the current whereabouts of the one time Cremyll ferryboat. Thank you John! Click here to read

Rebuild of 1776 lugger 'Grayhound'

Work has begun at Southdown, Millbrook Lake on the 5/6ths scale rebuild of a sailing vessel originally used
part as an Excise Vessel and part as a Privateer in the 17th Century.

Click on the filename below for more information.

'Grayhound' lugger a general introduction to the boat and the project
Greyhound' a chronology known events in the life of the boat
Alternative 'Greyhounds' there were many boats similarly named - a brief overview.
John Knill 'First' owner of 'Grayhound - The mayor of St Ives who is remembered every five years.
Joseph Fox and 'Greyhound' - a moral dilemma - a 'quaker' and a privateer owner!!!
Fig1, and Fig2 will give you higher quality resolution images of Grayhound's ships lines

A Tale of Bravery

  • Richard Eddey - a local hero In early 2011, a sale of medals bought to local television, a tale of bravery involving a prominent Cawsand family of the early 19th century.

2002 - One month in one year with two major wrecks!

'The Willy' Anchored in Cawsand Bay the 'Willy' dragged and was soon ashore, just north east of Kingsand.
A full Maritime and Coastguard Agency investigation was completed and published. For the recommendations and and findings click below:

Willy', MIAB Report, 2002 also see pictures below

The 'Kodima' Just 20 days after the 'Willy' was towed away, the 'Kodima' came to settle, bows-on under the ranges at Tregantle in Whitsand Bay. Click below for the abridged official report, with images of the stranding and subsequent events.

'Kodima' MIAB Report 2002
also see pictures below

Other Stories:

Boatbuilding - the Burlaces of Rame - 18th and 19th century family record.

Commercial Seamen away from the area - how do you Trace a 19th century British Seamen serving away?
Sailors away from their home would be included in the census for the port in which they found themselves on census day.

Admiral Fitzroy, Barometers and Cawsand - anyone putting to sea in the early part of the 19th century (and earlier), did so without the benefit of forecasts. Fitzroy championed the placing of barometers in ports, harbours and centres of maritime activity. This tale links the three title elements.

Click on the title above to show a list of such men.

Pictures of the '
Willy' and 'Kodima' below: (click > to view more)


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