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Past Events

About us


Below you will find yearly lists of our past meetings.

Talks highlighted in
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James Crook The history of 'Egloshayle'
Cynthia Gaskell Brown 'Windmills of the Rame Peninsula'
Tony Carne 'Smuggling pre-1815'
John Gask 'Local Geology
Vera Grey ' Pilchard Palaces of Kingsand and Cawsand
Peter Lemon of Millbrook and Sir Francis Drake
Tony Carne 'Smuggling after 1815'
Nigel Overton 'History of the Plymouth Dockyard
Cdr. Charles Chrighton RN., Supporting the Fleet


January 12th
AGM and Paul Buet 'Historic Village Buildings'
February 16th
An address by 'the Cornwall Association' Carol Vivian
February 22nd
'Research Workshop' led by Cynthia Gaskell Brown MA AMA FSA
March 15th
John Gask 'The Defences of the Rame Peninsula'
April 19th
William Ellis, the 'Cawsand Capitalist' by Cynthia Gaskell-Brown
May 17th
' A study of Cornish Domestic Architecture' with Veronica Cheshire
June 21st
'Nelson's Navy' - - By John Burgess
July 19th
'The Port of Plymouth' Cdr Ian Hugo, Queen's Harbour Master
August no meeting
September 5th
'A walk along the beach at Kingsand exploring the geology in this compact area'
September 20th
Martin Read about 'The Wreck of the Liberty Ship 'James Egan Layne' in Whitsand Bay
October 18th
Jack Spence talks on 'John Pollard of Cawsand - Nelson's Avenger at Trafalgar'
November 15th '
Tracing Family History' with Gillian Kempster
December no meeting


January 17th
Annual General Meeting and the 'Cawsand & Kingsand Historic Buildings Survey'
by Paul Buet
February 21st '
'The story of the Carews of Antony' with Dennis Russell
March 21st
Cliff Cooper presents 'Three Local Men of Trafalgar'
April 18th '
'The Historic Churches of Maker and Rame' by James Crook
May 16th '
'The 2004 Archeological Study of Cotehele' by Rachel Hunt
June 20th
Colin Bull tells of his experiences 'investigating the history of 'A 14th Century House,
'Sheildhall Manor', Lower Anderton'
July 18th
'Local History Quiz'
August no meeting
September 19th
'The Museums of SE Cornwall' by Kate Johnson, Museums Development Officer,
October 17th
'The Tudor Defences of Plymouth' Dr Mark Brayshay, Plymouth University
November 21st
'Local History Research' Joyce Brown, Plymouth Local & Naval History Librar


January 16th
'The Wreck of the Catharina Von Flensburg by Jon Parlour
February 20th
Cynthia Gaskell Brown shows us Mount Edgcumbe through the Artists' eye
March 20th
The Ropemakers of Plymouth Dock by Martin Read
of the University of Plymouth
April No meeting
May 15th
Village Life in Cawsand & Kingsand 1840 to 1860 by Jack Spence
June 16th
The History of Millbay Docks by Nigel Overton,
Maritime Heritage Officer, Plymouth Museum
August no meeting
October 17th
The Cornwall Centre, Redruth by Terry Knight
Stuart House, Liskeard Tony Wood tells us about this
local building and its use


Paul Buet - 'Village buildings Survey - update'
Sidney Pickering 'Antony House'
Michael Tisdall 'Cornish Church fonts and their Carvings'
Cynthia Gaskell Brown 'Cremyll and its Ferry'
Roger Collins 'Photos of the Rame Peninsula'
SW TVA Members - 'Films of the Rame Peninsula'
Jo Gardener 'Plymouth and South Devon Records Office'
Ray Evans 'Nelson's Women'


'Village family tree project' by Tony Carne
'20th Century visitors to Rame' by Mike Bennett
'The Rame Coastwatch' by John Hammond
'The history of the Cornish Lifeboats' by David Nichol
'Bronze age Horns at Mt Edgcumbe' by Cynthia Gaskell Brown
'Early Visitors to Cornwall' by Carol Vivian
'The Historic Gardens at Mount Edgcumbe' by Ian Berry
'Village life from local newspapers' by Jack Spence
'Historic photos of the Rame Peninsula' by R Collins and J Burgess
'The Historic families of Kingsand and Cawsand' by Gillian Kempster


'AGM, quiz and survey'
'Bronze Age horns in Mount Edgcumbe Country House An archaelogical detective story'
by Cynthia Gaskell Brown
March HMS Fisguard and the Rame Peninsula' John Burgess tells us of the history of the two
April 'Plymouth, the spice trade and 2 East Indiamen wrecks in Plymouth Sound' Martin Read
from Plymouth University unravels the story.
May 'The 16th century Tide Mill' at Inswork Cynthia Gaskell Brown explains the history of
this often ignored local landmark
June ' Summer Walkabout - exploring the history of Millbrook Lake' A gentle stroll looking
at the kilns, and the tide mill. Meet at the Millbrook Dam
September Darwin in the Rame Peninsula' Cynthia Gaskell Brown

16th January John Hartley The S130 - Restoration of the German E boat at Southdown
20th February Mike Baskott looking for the Romans in the Tamar Valley
19th March 2012

19th October Postal Services in 16/17th Centuries' Mark Brayshay


15th Feb
Stephen Tyrell Pentillie Castle.
15th March Richard Hewlings Mount Edgcumbe - The Historical Context.
19th April
Micheal Swift Stories in Stained Glass
18th Oct
Cynthia GB Royal Silver Mining in the Tamar Valley
15th Nov Roger Collins The Great Blizzard of 1891

17th January Pilchards and Pilchard Pallaces Ron Smith
21st February Mike O Connor The Edgcumbes and Musical History of the Tamar
21st March Sue Andrews Sin & Salvation Medieval Roof Bosses in Devon etc
21st November Dr Helen Doe 19th Century Shipbuilding in Cornwall

16th January John Hartley The S130 - Restoration of the German E boat at Southdown
20th February Mike Baskott looking for the Romans in the Tamar Valley
19th March Brian Rayen Picklecombe Battery or is it a Fort?

17th September 2012 – Cynthia Gaskell-Brown – Recent Excavations at Insworke Mill, Millbrook
15th October 2012 - Ron Smith – Plymouth Breakwater
19th November
- Member’s Night
A free-admission evening with wine, snacks and short presentations including:
Paul Buet
- Local buildings and Judy Woods - Silver Terrace, Southdown

January 21st 2013 History of Devonport
Chris Robinson
February 18th The Plymouth Blitz
Tony Carne
March 18th The Royal Albert Bridge
Keith Bousfield
April 15th Beneath the Seas (local underwater wrecks) Ian Berry
May 20th - Rame Church
David Parker
17th June 'Thanckes Park Torpoint - a Gentlemans Garden' a guided walk-around Cynthia Gaskell- Brown
24th June - Project Meeting 'Creating a photographic/written record of the Rame Churchyard'
October 21st 2013 –
Brian Rayden - 'The Americans in Rame 1944'
November 18th –
John Risdon “Visitors from France - Napoleon in Cawsand Bay”

January 20th –
Brian Jones - "An Undertaker's Account Book' a unique insight into Rame Peninsula burials.
February 17th - Gillian Kempster “ Lest We Forget - 1914 - 1918 local war memorials and their stories
March 17th –
Sir Richard Carew Pole “The Carews at Antony”
April 21st –
Julie Elworthy “ The Millbrook Poorhouse”
May 19th –
Bridget Gillard “The Kingsand/Cawsand Conservation Area Appraisal”
20th October - Ian Berry/Sue Rhodes " Mount Edgcumbe - preserving the past - looking to the future"
17th November - Bruce Hunt - "The River Tamar and Hamoaze in the 19th Century"

19th January 2015
- Cynthia Gaskell-Brown -"Sir Francis Drake's Treasure Ships at Saltash"
16th February - Gillian Kempster - "We Will Remember Them" - Local War Memorials - Second World War
database of memorial records available HERE
16th March - Alison Cameron - " Balcony Cottage Deeds"

20th April - Gordon Partridge - "Eddystone Lighthouse"

18th Ma
y Dr Todd Gray - " Ancient Church Bench Ends in Rame and Cornwall"

more recent talks are listed on
'Next Talks' Page

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