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Trinity Pilots

The Sea


The sea dominated the manner in which waterside communities developed. The navy, maritime trading, fishing and smuggling were key to how communities developed. For a few communities close to large centres of trading, the need for expert pilots to ensure safe arrival and departure of traded commodities. Many also fished and it is hard not to imagine that tubs of brandy provided an alternative income stream!!

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CENSUS: Complete census records for Rame Peninsula can be found here. Entries for 'pilots' have been extracted and can be found here.

HISTORY; Many websites record the history of the maritime pilot' This site is very informative: http://www.mariners-l.co.uk/UKPilots.html

THE PILOTS ACT: was issued in 1810, detailing provisions, penalties, areas of operation and fees chargeable for Plymouth Pilots. A copy of the relevant pages can be found here

SHIP REGISTRATION: Major ports in UK kept records of shipping registrations. These changed over time depending upon laws and regulations, (ie depending upon size, cargo capacity and usage.) Plymouth shipping records are available from Plymouth and West Devon Records Office - which can be visited and documents perused.

A DATABASE of all boats traced bearing a Rame interest (builder, owner, transferee, mortgagee, etc) can be found here.

A specific list of

PILOT BOAT DESIGN: The function of pilot vessel required a design the was sea kindly, fast when pounding towards the wind and easily sailed home short-handed after the pilot was put aboard an arriving or departing ship. An in-depth article on pilot boat design can be found here. ('THE BOATMAN MAGAZINE' Dec/Jan 1992/3)

FOUR FAMILIES appeared to have dominated pilotage interests in Rame.The SPRIDDELLS, the THOMASES, the WILLIAMS and the EDDEYS. (they also had fishing interests as well)

For a DETAILED FAMILY HISTORY of the EDDEYS, please visit: http://www.rameheritage.co.uk/images/article_images/theEddeysofRame.

RICHARD EDDEY was rewarded for his bravery in rescueing shipwrecked sailors from their up-turned vessel off the Plymouth Breakwater. Please visit here: http://ramehistorygroup.org.uk/commercial.html

NEWSPAPERS often recorded the exploits of pilots. Many times the report would be sparse ' Plymouth Pilot Boat no 7 assisted the barque 'Three Castles, seven miles off Start Point today'. Other times more details were presented. A collection of 19th century newspaper clippings can be found here.

MODERN TRINITY HOUSE PILOTS can often be seen pounding into the swell off the Plymouth Breakwater, images of these vessels can be seen here

In 1856 the costs of receiving a Trinity House Pilot can be seen here

'PILOT BOAT INN' Cawsand owners Henry, Nancy, William, Amelia and Nicholas Chappell 1844 - 1910 please image gallery below. (for record of all Rame pubs please go here )

Rame Peninsula History Group welcome further material about Pilots and any other local history topic. Have you a picture, a story to tell or an old newspaper clipping???? Please contact us here

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