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The Sea


Bill Honey, resident at Freathy, reported the exposure of a wreck rarely seen to the east of Sharrow Point.
The wreck lies almost 'square on' to the waves and as can be seen still shows its propellor and remarkably un-fouled prop shaft.
After consulting with Peter Holt from Promare, who probably have recorded the most comprehensive wreck records in the Plymouth area, a small team surveyed the remains which are thought to be that of the 'Gypsy' wrecked in 1903.

For full details go to: http://www.promare.co.uk/ships/Wrecks/Wk_Daisy.html

If you visit the site, there may be little or nothing to see, the sands excavated by the storms have returned to cover the remains.

Thanks to Bill Honey for permission to use the photographs.

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Wrecks around Rame

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Accuracy: please remember, the older the wreck, the less certain the exact location is. A newpaper in the 18th century might only report 'The 'Unlucky Lady' was lost in Whitsand Bay' - with no more geographical detail. So divers, please use the information, but do not rely on the co-ordinates. Oh, and of course these maps are not to used for navigational purposes!!!

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