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Whether the recollections of a local, or the impressions of someone passing through the Rame Peninsula, the tale written down becomes a powerful asset in understanding what our community was like in times past.

It is important we collect the written images from long resident locals to compare with the transient impressions of the visitor passing through as if on some 'grand tour'.

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NEW 2023

' The Rame Peninsula - A Celtic and Saxon History' Rob Keys

NEW 2022

1910 Cave Dwellers at Seaton and Downderry
an illustrated report from 1910 (?)

A Tragedy on the Cornish Coast,1912 a reprint ot an occasional paper by kind permission of the author, Bob Keys who talked to our group in May 2022 about a melo-dramatic silent movie from 110 years ago filmed locally in Portwrinkle.

A History of a Cornish Garden (Mount Edgcumbe Gardens)
In response to a National Women's Institute Competition, Maker with Rame branch embarked upon this study. Kindly made available by Anne Helliwell (1990's?)

1799 A Journey into Cornwall by George Luscomb 1799 quote ' going down the hill, towards Kingsand, we met several females whose appearance was so grotesque and extraordinary................'


Millbrook post World WarTwo Celebrations - a programme of events 1946

NEW 2020

1946 Kings Certificate to all School Children
sent to all children in 1946 at the end of the Second World War. This copy is kindly reproduced of Joyce Smith.

1930's Skinners Official Guide to Millbrook Cawsand Kingsand and Whitsand
From the mid 1930s here is an advertising booklet promoting available Motor Coach Tours from and around the Rame Peninsula. Along with local information, timetables and charges, there is much detail from many local businesses.

NEW 2019

1948-49 Millbrook Rangers AFC Fixture list 1948-49.
Not the complete document, but interesting for the advertisers (ie Local Traders) Note: three teams being run.

NEW 2018

1924 Margaret Willcocks' Botany Workbook
. Born in Cawsand, in 1924, a sixteen year old carried out a cliff-side survey of the flora found as part of her school work. This was recently passed to RPHG and the family has agreed to our publishing the document here. The original had been passed to Plymouth University where it is to be used in ecological studies considering the possible effect of sea level change on coastal plant species.

Margaret's workbook is accompanied here by a

Under our GALLERY TAB, we have also published a short slide show of some contemporary Images

Polbathic - an illustrated history of the 19th and 20th Century compiled by a resident Mrs Tamblyn.

1814 A Journal with Delineations from Nature and Remarks Descriptive Principally of Cornwall by Richard Hopkins Leach 1814 Have you ever walked into a pub and all heads turn towards you? Imagine arriving well dressed in a smoke filled 'Cross Keys' pub in Cawsand in 1814. You don't fit in - how do the locals react? Read on.

Cornwall a Land of Folklore and Legends? Many historians have recorded the oral traditions handed down in the 18th and 19th Centurues. These became a unique selling point for the Great Western Railway to exploit in attempting to lure visitors to the peninsula. Extracts from the railway publications can be seen here

Tony Carne's historical articles for the 'Courier' (The Parish Church magazine 2007 onwards..............)

Another Old Chap in a Bowler - a tale of George Locker, the driver of Haddy's horsebus.

Booze and Boats - a warning from history

- in a smuggling and seafaring village

The 'Happy Go Lucky' Affair Part 1
- the deed and the smugglers who were caught

The 'Happy Go Lucky' Affair Part 2
- what happened next???

Brains vs Chains
- snow chains on the ferry run???

Sixty Years On
- a 1940's 'Courier' reveals.......

The Tea Dealer
- 'fair trade' in Cawsand???

Tin, Salt, Baccy and Brandy
- smugglers at Rame?

November 1915
- five of Rame's finest.......

Passing Through.......

Just what did travellers make of the Rame Peninsula 180 years ago?

What were the details of everyday life?

Over the last 200 hundred years and more, many references have been made to the
Rame Peninsula by passing travellers, annual gazetteers and chroniclers.

The original documents may well apply to the whole of the South West or just to Cornwall.
Extracts from some of these documents are presented here to provide some local detail,
that today we might seek from say
Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. In some cases the
original documents are more lofty scientific reports.

Where possible their original source is quoted should you wish to consult the whole document.

Journal of a Tour of the Southern Coasts of England 1795

The History of Cornwall Fortescue Hitchins 1824

The History of Cornwall Fortescue Hitchins 1829

The Cornish Register Maker Wallis 1838

The Cornish Register Rame Wallis 1838

Slaters Royal National and Commercial Directory 1852-3

Post Office Directory Maker Cawsand Millbrook 1856

Village History Reminiscences W J Cox 1878
from Rev. White papers here

Kellys Directory 1893

Kellys Directory 1893 Rame

In addition, some of our parish documents are included - not the births, deaths and records variety,
(these are referred to on our
REGISTRY pages.) but those of local publications.
Parish magazines of 100 years ago contrast life as it was 40 years ago.
Well known local family names appear in the documents and make an obvious connection
with today"s population.

NEW 2017 Millbrook Parish Council Meeting Minutes 1932 - 1937 Handwritten
(useful index at beginning)
Millbrook Parish Council Meeting Minutes 1939 - 1946 Handwritten

Maker and Rame Parish Magazine October 1899

Ferry (CREMYLL) Agreement 1911
(signed after inter-ferry company 'trading war')

Maker and Rame Parish Magazine March 1915

Maker with Rame Courier 1979 Sam Mashford

Be it a Royal Wedding Anniversary, local sporting event or celebration, the gathering together of local people
provide a unique record of how the local population responded to special events.

Programmes, advertisements and photos remain of local people and the scenes when these events were held.

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Cawsand Bay Regatta 14th August 1952

Kingsand-Cawsand Carnival August 1983

If you have a item of 'Rame History', could we publish it here? We will fully acknowledge
ownership and authorship.

Please contact: info@ramehistorygroup.org.uk

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