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Local Wills


NEW in 2019
John Spriddle a Rame fisherman died in 1606/7 (?) and died intestate. An inventory of his estate was taken a the time of his death. The document is currently at Cornwall Records office.
A descendant Paddy Thompson (nee' GLINN) now living in Somerset was engaged in family ancestry researches when she came across the document. It has been 'translated' into modern English and estate values compared with current (2017 -2019) values. You can read that document here

Local Wills

Cornwall Record Office holds some wonderful old wills for people who lived locally, particularly in the 18 Century.

We will be transcribing some of these and putting them on the website. (see below)

They remind us how God-fearing folk were the, and how vulnerable they felt and how transient they perceived life to be. Certainly few seemed to live to any great age, and our sea farers particularly wanted to make sure their loved ones would be aware of their wishes if anything should happen.

Items that were precious then are of interest, too - pots and pans, bedding for example are often mentioned.

The images of these wills are the copyright of the Cornwall Record Office(CRO) but the transcription of any will isn’t - but the source must be acknowledged.

Cornwall Council offers record facilities at:


Choose ‘Search catalogue, ’ enter ‘will Maker’ (or whatever - another parish , or a specific name) . Then remember to choose ‘And’ in the next box so it searches on all of your words

Wills: further information can be obtained at:




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